Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Make a SWEEEEET burger ;)

First off, there is only one rule before I share this with you...When you make these and someone asks you if they were hard to make, we are to always say YES ;)  I mean if we are going to "slave" away in the kitchen for a few minutes (yes, I said a few minutes is all at it will take to make these) then we are going to get some appreciation :) LOL

Supply List

Nilla Wafers
Mini York Peppermint Patties
Buttercream Frosting (or pre-tinted frosting in red and yellow)
Red & Yellow food coloring
2 plastic baggies (for piping frosting on cookies)
Sesame Seeds (optional)
Caro Syrup (optional)
Cold Beer (optional but you ARE "grilling")

Alright, let's get our stuff together!

Yes we did start off with 8 of the patties...Aren't you observant!  (don't judge me, I see chocolate I eat it....)

For those of you coloring your own frosting do so now ;) bottled frosting users (don't worry we won't tell) you are set!

We are going to add "mustard to one side of the patties and cover with a Nilla Wafer
Then on another Nilla Wafer, the ketchup and set the mustard, pattie, and wafer on top of the ketchup
You're thinking I can DO this!  RIGHT?  Of course you can!!!  To add sesame seeds (shown in pic below), take a pastry brush with a small amount of Caro Syrup and lightly brush the top of the cookie and sprinkle sesame seeds.
Voila!  The finished product!! (shown with the sesame seeds)
Take these to your next family gathering and get your "kudos" on ;)

XO ~ Ain't She Sweet

Just an Old Fashioned Family & Friends BBQ (with some flair)

When presented with coming up with a dessert table at a birthday BBQ, (yes, we Texans take our BBQ seriously serious!) we knew there were elements we just had to include.  It looked divine and there were people "grazing" all afternoon!  See those hamburger cookies in the picture above on the left?  Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make these adorable and EASY treats!

We added family photos to the pennant banner with closepins for a personal touch...

How cute (and tasty) can corn get??


Monday, July 11, 2011

A Spa Day for Miss Madison!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!
What girl doesn't like to be pampered??  I think we ALL do!  Including all those precious little girls out there.  My (Joni) daughter Madison and her friends had a blast at her birthday party this year.  We had  manicures and pedicures, facials, and the girls each made their own flip-flops to take home.  The colors were so cute!  Can't wait to do another one!!

Down On the Farm Fun

My Pretty Birthday Girl
For those of you who know me (Jennifer), I am all about over the top.  My daughter Olive seems to be following in that same path ;)  This year, we celebrated at Old Macdonalds Farm.  It was the perfect venue and parents and kids alike loved the party. 
There are more photos you can check out:

The amazing Cupcakes and Sugar Cookie barn and fence!

we <3 Sugar Cookies from The Cookie Angel!

The Spread

The kids LOVED the "General Store"

For those of you who are curious, I made these chicks and pigs out of egg shaped marshmallows I found at Easter time, edible markers, Jelly Beans (chicks), large round sprinkles, and edible eyes.

A Blog Huh.....


A blank page often seems so daunting...hence the reason we have never sat down and put our blog together.  We have created this blog to inspire, to share, and to dream with you all!  We started with very humble beginnings...I approached a friend who was getting married one day and asked her to take a  minor  MAJOR leap of faith and all of a sudden, we were in business.  How do 2 under prepared completely in control women handle the pressure?  Well, after holding each other & crying in a corner :) we gathered ourselves and decided this would either make or break us!  Our first event was definitely a learning experience for us!  Who knew setting candy out on a table could be hard??  The pictures online make it look SOOO easy!!  We managed to pull it off and the bride was thrilled with the results!