Monday, July 11, 2011

A Blog Huh.....


A blank page often seems so daunting...hence the reason we have never sat down and put our blog together.  We have created this blog to inspire, to share, and to dream with you all!  We started with very humble beginnings...I approached a friend who was getting married one day and asked her to take a  minor  MAJOR leap of faith and all of a sudden, we were in business.  How do 2 under prepared completely in control women handle the pressure?  Well, after holding each other & crying in a corner :) we gathered ourselves and decided this would either make or break us!  Our first event was definitely a learning experience for us!  Who knew setting candy out on a table could be hard??  The pictures online make it look SOOO easy!!  We managed to pull it off and the bride was thrilled with the results!

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